• Essential Workplace Etiquette Priorities for Cannabis Businesses October 22, 2019
    There are more than 72,000 licensed hemp and cannabis business licenses being tracked in the Cannabiz Media License Database across 41 states and 16 international markets, and there are tens of thousands of ancillary cannabis businesses around the world. The industry has grown rapidly from an underground tight-knit community to a global market and with […]
  • From Acceptance to Accessibility – The Changing Tides of the Marijuana Industry October 18, 2019
    Nearly 10 years ago a 2000 Pew Research poll found that just 31% of Americans supported cannabis legalization. That number nearly doubled by 2017 when Pew Research found that 61% of Americans favored legalization. One year later, an October 2018 Gallup poll revealed that two out of three Americans (66%) believe marijuana use should be legal. With […]
  • Cannabis in Canada and Federal Licensing October 17, 2019
    Canada’s cannabis legalization endeavor turns one year old today, and it’s a great time to review the previous year’s activity as provincial retail regimes continue to ramp up, new companies emerge, and licensed producers — some of which were born out of the medical cannabis era — continue to evolve. This article is the first […]
  • Visit Cannabiz Media at CWCBExpo in Boston October 16, 2019
    CWCBExpo will be held at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston, Massachusetts on October 24-26, and the Cannabiz Media team will be at Booth #423 on the exhibit floor throughout the conference. Stop by and meet the team and stay for a demo of the Cannabiz Media License Database! You can pre-schedule a meetup or […]
  • How to Improve Cannabis Dispensary Staff Professionalism October 15, 2019
    As competition increases in the cannabis industry, retail and medical dispensaries need to differentiate themselves in order to gain new customers and earn continued loyalty from existing customers. The best brands will stand out in time, so it’s critical that dispensaries focus on delivering amazing customer experiences if they want to keep their doors open […]
  • State Cannabis Regulations Lead to Imbalances in Supply and Demand October 11, 2019
    The laws of supply and demand are imbalanced in the cannabis industry across multiple states in the United States and Canadian provinces. As a result, many markets face cannabis oversupply or undersupply problems, and much of the problem can be attributed to each state’s regulatory framework for legal adult-use and/or medical marijuana. The laws of […]
  • Client Spotlight – PMG Development October 10, 2019
    PMG Development is a land development and financial resource company originally founded in 1997. Today, the company works with clients located across the country and in numerous industries from its Denver, Colorado home office. In the cannabis and hemp industries, PMG Development has been providing capital resourcing, land development, and application services since 2015. On […]
  • 5 Ways to Be Successful at Cannabis Business Meetings and Networking Events October 8, 2019
    Whether you’re a cannabis license holder, ancillary business, or aspiring cannabis industry entrepreneur, attending networking events, conferences, and business meetings is critical to your success. The legal cannabis industry started not so long ago with a small group of passionate people connecting in person at events that slowly spread across the country. That face-to-face connection […]
  • How to Promote a Cannabis Business with Social Media Marketing October 4, 2019
    Advertising and marketing restrictions aren’t new to businesses operating in highly-regulated industries, but most legal businesses can leverage the cost effective tools of social media to promote their businesses, build brand awareness and loyalty, and generate sales. However, for cannabis and cannabis-related businesses, that’s not the case. Since cannabis is still illegal at the federal […]
  • Cannabis Onsite Consumption Licenses and Social Use Rules October 3, 2019
    In May 2019, Alaska became the first state to allow cannabis dispensaries to apply for onsite cannabis consumption licenses. While several states have considered onsite cannabis consumption licenses and social use rules over the years, Alaska became the first to permit it on a statewide level. Previously, some states did allow local municipalities to determine […]