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  • Things You Need to Do to Get a Cannabis Business License January 17, 2020
    2020 is expected to be one of the biggest years for the cannabis industry, but entrepreneurs who want to own and operate a business in the legal cannabis supply chain can’t just set up shop and open their doors. In this industry, getting a cannabis business license is a requirement first. To help you get […]
  • What’s Coming for the U.S. Hemp Industry in 2020? January 14, 2020
    More than a year has passed since the 2018 Farm Bill made hemp farming, production, and sales legal in the United States again. During that time, a lot of farmers and entrepreneurs have jumped into the hemp industry, and with the release of interim hemp rules by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) in late […]
  • The Social Impact of Cannabis Legalization in the United States January 10, 2020
    While the economic impact of cannabis legalization is easy to track in terms of tax revenue and job growth, the social impacts require a bit more digging, particularly in relation to long-term trend analysis. Fortunately, the effects of cannabis legalization on society have been analyzed in multiple studies since states first began legalizing medical and/or recreational marijuana. […]
  • Will 2020 be the Biggest Year for the U.S. Cannabis Industry? January 8, 2020
    There were a number of big stories in the news throughout 2019 proving the cannabis industry will continue on an upward trajectory in 2020 and beyond. From increases in business licenses historic votes in the U.S. Congress to more than two out of three American adults supporting adult-use legalization, the tides have turned for this […]
  • Why are Some States’ Cannabis Programs Lagging? January 3, 2020
    The cannabis market in the U.S. is well-established, and Cannabiz Media is now tracking cannabis programs in 42 states. However, each state has its own rules for their programs, which means all states are not equal in terms of the success and growth of those programs. The reality is that some states’ marijuana programs are […]
  • Inside the European Cannabis Industry December 20, 2019
    If industry analysts are correct, the European cannabis market could eclipse the combined markets in the U.S. and Canada in the future. According to the fourth European Cannabis Report, 4th Edition from Prohibition Partners, the cannabis market in Europe could grow to a $136 billion industry by 2028 if all European countries legalize medical marijuana […]
  • Legal Cannabis in 2020 – What’s Coming to the Industry in the United States? December 18, 2019
    The cannabis industry in 2019 faced a lot of changes, and while change won’t come to a grinding halt in 2020, particularly since it’s a Presidential election year, the bigger story in the coming 12 months could be about industry growth. What’s Coming Federally? Two of the biggest federal cannabis stories to come out of […]
  • 2019 Cannabis Licensing and Industry – The Year in Review December 11, 2019
    Throughout 2019, the cannabis industry and cannabis licensing remained in a state of flux. However, growth continued with more states legalizing and launching adult-use cannabis programs (like Michigan and Illinois) and multiple states rolling out new and enhanced medical marijuana programs (like Ohio and Louisiana). In addition, more than half of all states (a record […]
  • Cannabiz Media Launches Cannabis and Hemp Business Verification API December 6, 2019
    For banks, creditors, and others that need to confirm business and state license information for cannabis and hemp companies, Cannabiz Media’s new Compliance Verification API provides the reliable, real-time data needed to meet legal requirements and make critical business decisions. The Only Verification System of Its Kind for the Cannabis Industry In simplest terms, the […]
  • Networking Tips for Cannabis Industry Professionals December 6, 2019
    Whether you want to find a job in the cannabis industry or strengthen your business’ cannabis industry supply chain, effectively networking with other professionals can help you reach your goals. In fact, one of the best ways to build your business in the cannabis industry is by networking with other cannabis professionals. Cannabis is an […]
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